Top Dentist in Towson, MD

Top Dentist in Towson, MD

Comprehensive dental care for everyone, delivered with a comfortable touch.

General Dentistry

Comprehensive dental care for everyone, delivered with a comfortable touch.

Healthy Teeth

We provide a variety of dental services to keep your teeth healthy.

Long Term Oral Health

From strong teeth to healthy gums, we want you to have perfect oral health now and in the future.

Happy Smiles

We want you and your family to radiate confidence with every smile.

Everyone Deserves the Best Dental Care in Towson, MD!

Several factors contribute to individuals avoiding dental visits, despite the importance of oral health. Dental anxiety or fear of dental procedures is a significant deterrent for many, stemming from past negative experiences or general apprehension. Financial concerns also play a role, as some individuals may lack dental insurance coverage or worry about the cost of treatments. Busy schedules and time constraints can lead people to postpone appointments, and a belief that oral health is less critical than other medical concerns might result in neglect.

If any of these concerns resonate with you, rest assured that we’re here for you! Dr. Mark Shulman, based in Towson, MD, is committed to delivering the enduring and comfortable dental care that you and your family deserve.

A Dental Team You Can Rely On

Mark Shulman D.D.S. is fully committed to preserving the oral well-being of our patients, aiming to prevent dental issues proactively. We understand the potential trauma from past dental experiences, and we’re dedicated to treating you with the same warmth and compassion as our own family. We pledge to deliver comfortable care, aiding everyone in attaining their oral health aspirations. Contact our dental team today by calling 410-650-6069 or using the link below to schedule an appointment.

Dental Care For All
In Three Easy Steps

We encourage our patients to schedule appointments with us at least twice a year. Within these regular visits, we will conduct comprehensive dental cleanings and examinations to ensure the well-being of your oral health. Depending on the results, we might suggest preventive or restorative procedures necessary to enhance your oral health to peak condition.

Step 1. Discover

Schedule a consultation with us to determine how we can best help you or your family.

Step 2. Relax

Our dental team will create a personalized approach for your needs.

Step 3. Smile

You can smile knowing your dental health is in great hands – both now and in the future.

Meet Mark Shulman, DDS

Dr. Mark Shulman was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland.

He received his high school degree from City College before attending the University of Maryland, where he received a BS in psychology in 1971. He earned his dental degree (D.D.S.) from the University of Maryland in 1975. Dr. Shulman served two years in the U.S. Army Dental Corps from 1975-1977. After completion of his military service he joined his father, Dr. Eli Shulman, in private practice at our current location.

Dr. Shulman’s community involvement includes serving on the Board of St. Joseph’s Medical Center and the Towson Chamber of Commerce.

Dr. Shulman and his wife, Judi, have two sons and two grandsons.

You Deserve To Take Great Care Of Your Dental Health

Don’t let affordability stop you from getting the treatment you deserve. See how we are able to help by clicking the link below.

Don’t let affordability stop you from getting the treatment you deserve. See how we are able to help by clicking the link below.

More Information

Learn more about our general dentistry services

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Composite fillings blend seamlessly with your natural teeth, providing a discreet and aesthetically pleasing solution.

Cleanings & Exams

We highly recommend that our patients undergo routine dental cleanings and examinations every six months.

Dental Crowns

Protective coverings that encase damaged or weakened teeth, restoring their strength, shape, and appearance.


Removable dental prosthetics that help individuals regain the ability to chew, speak, and smile by replacing missing teeth.

Bite Guards

Dental devices designed to protect teeth from grinding or clenching during sleep, preventing further damage.


Removal of a tooth from its socket in the jawbone, often due to reasons such as severe decay, damage, or overcrowding.